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Beginners Guide to Restaurant Management Systems and Why They Matter

Most restaurants today understand the potential of restaurant management systems (RMS) and what they can achieve with them. For those who aren’t fully sold on the idea, RMS is designed to keep your restaurant functioning with effective management by tracking employees, inventory, and sales. Most restaurant management systems include integrated software and hardware components, like a cash register, receipt printer, and scanner depending on the nature of the restaurant. 

With an RMS, you can holistically review the performance of your restaurant and make smart decisions. Evaluate your restaurant needs at a glance, and simplify how you operate your business. More importantly, you can integrate RMS with other applications and customize the system to better fit your needs. It serves as an effective tool to keep your inventory, point of sales, and staff in check, and accommodate them where need be.

Wait, RMS and POS systems aren’t the same?

A restaurant management system can be classified as a point of sale software; however, it offers more features than just tracking sales. Typically, it offers features that are unique to the food service industry, such as availability of staff according to their shift schedule, split billing, ingredient levels, kitchen displays, and more. Having an RMS can be a game-changer for restaurants to scale up their business and provide better services, along with availing more benefits.

So, How Can Having An Rms Benefit You?

An RMS offers many benefits to restaurant management and helps them run the restaurant more effectively. But on top of all that, it ensures customer satisfaction as sales and reviews of particular products can be independently viewed. With an RMS, restaurants can perform the following tasks with ease:

  • Track the number of orders and sales per day/week/months.
  •  Extract real-time, accurate financial statements of the restaurant.
  • Create exceptional staff schedules, measure time on site.
  • Access data remotely and have a virtual backup via the cloud.
  • Offer customer loyalty rewards with an in-build customer relationship management tool.

What Can an RMS Do for Your Business?

The restaurant management systems can perform various tasks for your business. However, while the exact tasks and features offered by the system depends on your selection, there are a handful of offerings most RMS offer:

  1. Simple Scheduling

Keep your staff in check and give them the option to pick out their schedule. With an RMS, you can get rid of the hassle of micromanaging your employee and let the system pick it out for you.  This will help you meet compliance standards, prevent double shifts, and ensure staff availability.

  1. Make Accountability Easy and Save Time

Most restaurant managers often complain about how being on the same page with their staff is often difficult. With quarrels and disagreements about shift schedules and orders, an RMS system can eliminate the lack of connectivity. Most RMS automatically snap photos and upload them to the software which enforces accountability of order. RMS searches are easy and effective for managers and staff members alike.

  1. Effective Budgeting by Reducing Costs

It is common knowledge that the foodservice industry operates on thing profits margin, and with an RMS the profit margin can be maximized. You can cut down on unnecessary food costs and manage your inventory more effectively. Reduce food waste and food costs as you manage the expiration, availability, and perishable foods in your inventory.

  1. Supply Management Made Easy

RMS can be automatically configured to place orders for when you are running low on inventory. Based on previous data, you can also check what amount of inventory you should maintain per day/week. The accuracy will enable you to automate the process, and manage your supply chain more effectively. The RMS streamlines the process and makes it cost-effective. 

What Do You Need to Consider Before Getting an RMS?

As evident, restaurant management systems offer many benefits to the restaurant and help in reducing bottlenecks. But before you decide to buy any RMS, reflect on your day-to-day processes and must fulfill your needs. Having an idea of your requirements will help you narrow down to picking an RMS that best fits your need, here’s what you should look for:

Type of RMS

There are various types of restaurant management systems available, and your selection would depend on which OS you’d be running your business. You can opt for All-in-one restaurant management solutions, Point-of-sale software, Online ordering software, and more.


Additionally, you might have plans to expand your business and open new franchises. It is better to buy a restaurant management system that can grow alongside your business and can handle additional terminals, and devices. Look for an RMS with multibranch add-on features which can handle large staff.


Before deciding on an RMS, you would most likely have one software apps that you frequently use. In such cases, look for the ability to integrate the two to combine their features for better reporting. Most RMS can easily integrate with other parties and reduce time wastage and data replication. 

7 Powerful Tips For A Profitable Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is very competitive, if you can’t get customer’s attention, chances are your business can go out of business. Most businesses are closed abruptly and do not survive because they fail to involve people.

Many entrepreneurs quickly close their hospitality business or are not fully satisfied with its performance. The majority of them fail because they ignore certain basic principles of restaurant management and end up losing clients to the competition. 

Most restaurant owners make the mistake of believing that serving high-quality cuisine is enough to operate a profitable business. The most important need is that the products or services be of outstanding quality. In addition to providing high-quality food, you must establish the restaurant as a trustworthy brand.

When beginning a restaurant business, these are the most crucial things to think about.

1. Have A “Cushion” Of Money

For new restaurant owners, a sudden drop in sales is painful, and many of them close the curtains. Most restaurants do well in the beginning but run into financial difficulties during the off-season when visitors depart. Planning your capital expenditures for the next several months is a wise way to deal with such a challenging financial scenario. You’ll probably require money to buy restaurant reservation software and other necessary features to make your business more user-friendly.

2. Location Of The Restaurant

The location of your restaurant is also important in determining the success of the business. Visit many locations and conduct research to determine which location is most important for the business. It is important that it be an area with “traffic” of people if it is in a city and if you want to locate it on the outskirts, it is important to have a good parking lot so that diners can park their vehicles. Having a good view of the restaurant would be a plus situation.

3. Choose The Restaurant Concept

Choose the type of restaurant carefully as well. Do you wish to cater to a luxury guest or local clientele? Or are you looking for customers in the middle class? To decide whether or not to begin your restaurant idea, learn to know your target customers and then plan accordingly. It is important to know the type of cuisine that you are going to offer to the diners: Spanish, Italian, Greek, Asian, Arabic, fusion, traditional, avant-garde, etc. Be clear in your decision.

4. Menu Card

When guests come to your restaurant, the menu card is the very first thing customers see. Customers may see the pricing and dishes on the menu.  After carefully studying the menu, they may select food that fits their budget. A properly designed menu card, on the other hand, may say a lot about your restaurant. Sometimes very long menus are not good and in the opposite case it can give an image of “little thing”, but each business must evaluate what type of cuisine it offers and the dishes that should appear in it.

5. Build A Dedicated Website

Today you need to be online. Remember that people will reserve tables for dinner at your restaurant. If your restaurant’s products and services are accessible over the internet, they can easily do so. Therefore, you must have a website that has a good image with photos of the dishes you prepare and with the option of booking online. Since Covid19 has appeared in the world, it is important to have your letter on the web, so that your clients can consult it without problems.

6. Hire A Good Cook

To ensure optimum client pleasure, select a chef with a lot of expertise cooking the food. Chefs are celebrities in their own right. People flock to a certain restaurant because it employs a chef with a reputation for creating unusual meals. As a consequence, think about hiring some top-notch chefs who can cater to your client’s preferences.

7. Use Social Networks

On social platforms, you can promote all your dishes to attract people. Also, if you have a daily menu of the day, you can post it on social networks for everyone to see. The social networks that are best for hospitality businesses are Instagram and Facebook, for visual reasons. Another option could also be Pinterest. From the delivery of brochures at street level to online advertising, it can be a good way to reach your target audiences.

Bottom Line

To operate a successful business, all you have to do is avoid repeating the same mistakes as others. Many failed businesses, for example, started a restaurant without conducting adequate market and consumer research. If you follow the tips mentioned, you will certainly take your restaurant business to new heights.

Guide to Become an Accomplished Restaurateur: Craft a Great Dining Experience

With the current situation of the world, people have been deprived of human connection and relaxed experiences, one of which was dining out. Dining out is more than eating; it is a means of bonding with your family, catching up with your friends, and treating yourself. So it is important to serve “experience” to your customers. And the “experience” will include food, decor, music, standards of cleanliness, and overall ambiance of the place.

As a restaurateur, your job is to enact the promise of Restaurant 101, which according to restaurant gurus, are bare-minimum hospitality applications. These applications set the ball rolling for diners to have a pleasant meal and time at eateries. It will also allow you and your restaurant to differentiate from others; at the same time, building a unique dining experience.

Become thick-skinned, learn to love the hustle, and keep reading to crack the code of creativity and uniqueness and inspire yourself to create an exceptional dining concept.

1. Give Your Guests A Warm Welcome 

What if you walked into a restaurant and there was no one to welcome you and to get your table started? You’ll start off on the wrong foot! 

First and foremost a warm greeting with a genuine smile from the host sets the entire mood of the experience. Diners want sincerity and positivity from the host. Withering looks and unenthusiastic nature gives a bad impression of the eatery.

2. Connection with Diners

Turn your attention to the WOW customer service that will give your eatery uniqueness. Make sure you or your servers are consistently servicing by refilling the drinks and introducing themselves. This is to make the dining experience memorable. There needs to be a connection, so instead of just introducing like “hi, I am your name, and I will be your server today”, focus on connecting with diners by bonding conversation like perhaps asking about their bag brand, etc. After that connection, introduce yourself. Giving your customers the space and letting them eat in peace instead of having them shoo away the bussers after every few minutes also contributes toward a positive experience.

3. Hire Attentive Staff

Having a well-informed staff that knows menu details gives the impression to the diners that they are in for something good. Also, good staff is the one that fixes problems quickly instead of giving a long explanation in case any issue arises which helps in establishing good relationships between diners and the eatery. 

4. Attention To Detail

Making sure that the tables are sparkling clean, keeping the music at an appropriate volume and quick service are some of the defining factors of the dining experience of your customers.

Serving some pre-dinner nibbles such as artisan bread with olive oil, fries, dips, or nachos creates a dining room zen for the diners. Because these nibbles are not just food, they are ice-breakers, conversation- pieces, and sets the whole mood of the dining.

5. Decor That Delights

The restaurant decor speaks for your brand. Crafting a unique eatery requires making good choices that match the character of your eatery. The ambiance that will be created from all these selections will act as mise en scène to your eatery’s experience. 

First comes a unique restaurant front door that draws your clientele towards your eatery. For a unique front, going for neon signs or murals is a good idea. On the other hand, all-glass doors and windows give a sneak peek of your interior. Choosing color according to your restaurant style is also important. A fast-food space will look more tempting in fierce red rather than earthy tones while a fine dining place will benefit from deep shades and earthy colors.

6. Playing The Menu Card

Designing stunning menus to focus on the design of your logo also plays a part in crafting a good experience. Seating arrangements also play a huge part in the ambiance you are trying to create. Like, whether you want to create a cozy environment with tables close together or want to go with sophisticated seating for private or if it is going to be communal and bustling with energy. 

Whether you want a place that will host parties or if there is going to be outdoor seating.

Do not forget the lights! Because it sets the mood in a way no other factor can. Romantic atmosphere? Consider adding candles. Small cozy restaurant? Low light would be best for a relaxed and intimate environment. Like this, experiment with lights and choose the one that fits your style best.

7. Restrooms Are The Best Rooms

Having a neat and good-smelling restroom is a very important and big fat YES. And make sure those restrooms are fully equipped with rolls and hand-wash and also have proper running water because having tidy restrooms at a fine establishment feels, according to Monte Carlo; the restaurant gurus, So Fresh And So Clean Clean 

With so many already present restaurants and new ones popping up, the competition becomes tougher and tougher. The key to making your restaurant stand out and get the diners excited comes back to one factor and that is- ideas that will capture diner’s attention and make them come again and again. And when you master the art of anticipating a diner’s needs and meeting them beforehand, this allows diners to remember your restaurant because they had the best and memorable time dining in your eatery.

How To Avoid Unexpected Expenses In Your Restaurant Amidst Covid

Many restaurant owners are under the impression that more food wastage means that business is going well because it means more customers have come by, which is not necessarily true. It’s not a natural phenomenon that food should be fasted just because it’s a restaurant. It’s very common knowledge that reducing food wastage will give a great reduction in expenses. Here is how you can save some extra bucks during these trying times:

Tracking Expenditure  

Just like other commodities, there are noticeable reductions and increases in food commodities as well. Different vegetables or fruits undergo price fluctuations. What we suggest in these cases is that inventory should be stalked up on when the price for these commodities is at an optimum level, which is the ‘best price’. They can feature dishes of those products in those months more because they are already bought on bulk and can be sold likewise. This will help increase seasonal sales and also save money. So, you can hit two targets with one strategy.

Waste Reduction

The second step to saving costs is managing waste reduction. A restaurant needs to have a proper portioning standard in order to avoid food being wasted and keep the customers satisfied at the same time. To make this effective, they can conduct a market research or a focus group. This will help them make sure a portion size for their dishes that guarantees customer satisfaction and also helps save wasted food. Products need to be rotated accordingly simultaneously so they do not get rotten and wasted. Another example is to keep clean oil, it’s better to keep their oil clean rather than waiting for it to be wasted and keeping it dirty. If the management is pro-active and takes charge to ensure cleaner oil, the kitchen, staff and the product will be much better off. Putting off a certain task always leads to more damage than benefit.

Here’s How You Can Build Your Restaurant’s Online Presence

No doubt a restaurant’s reputation is built by the quality of its food, but a creative marketing strategy comes close to recreating an exceptional dining experience and promoting the business. We’re well aware that people nowadays look for a restaurant’s reviews, recommendations, and other specifics online before they decide to visit it, which makes having an online presence, and an amazing one at that, a must-have for your restaurant. Traditional marketing is no longer enough alone and in order to promote a business, having a powerful presence online is extremely important for a restaurant’s success. There are many ways to do that, by building an effective website, inviting food bloggers to your restaurant, online advertisements, etc. 

Here are a few elaborated ways you can get your restaurant some online and social media recognition: 

1. Build an Effective Website

A website is one of the most important features of promoting a business online. Whether or not you want to set up online orders is up to you, but creating a website so people can visit it and see what your restaurant has to offer is a really effective marketing strategy. Here are a few features that you should include in your website:

  • Introductory Page: The intro page can talk about what are the values that your restaurant is built on, your business story, and how important your customers are to you. 
  • Menu: Adding your menu and consistently updating is really important for your website. People can conveniently check and compare the menu prices and decide if they want to visit your restaurant. 
  • Feedback Forum: A feedback forum that links to a review page is an important part of the marketing strategy because people base their decision to visit a restaurant majorly on its reviews. 

There are many website builders that can help you conveniently design a website for your restaurant. 

2. Social Media Platforms

Social media plays a huge role in marketing and advertising. Multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc allow you to advertise your business at a price per ad. While marketing on social media, you have to keep in mind what your targeted audience is. If it’s a fine dining restaurant the target audience will mostly be adults, if it’s a fast-food restaurant, the target audience will range from teens to adults, and so on. Narrowing down the audience helps in reaching relevant people and effective marketing. 

3. Flood Bloggers

Many restaurants are now inviting food bloggers to their restaurants and asking them to promote their restaurants on their blogs in exchange for discounts or money. Bloggers can influence their audience greatly and promoting your business with food bloggers will attract all the lovers of fine dining to your restaurant. Another popular marketing strategy is inviting photographers to your restaurant and letting them create cinemagraphs and take photos for their portfolio in exchange for promotion. Reaching a local audience is important and can be achieved easily through local bloggers and photographers. 

4. List in Restaurant Review Sites

Restaurant review sites are highly preferred by people when deciding which place to eat and listing yourself in local directories and review sites will help you build an effective brand. Positive reviews will not only motivate you to work harder and improve the customer experience but also attract a lot of customers. 

The internet is a powerful place and can help greatly in promoting your restaurant business online. From reviews to ads to promotional blogs, there are many marketing strategies you can adopt to promote your restaurant. Don’t hesitate to use different promotional channels to advertise your business and create a successful online presence!

5 Tips To Attract More Customers In Your Restaurant Using Your Interior

The restaurant industry is one of the evergreen industries of the world. It is over crowded but the demand is never too less. As the success of a restaurant business is entirely dependent upon the customer, it is of vital importance that we keep them in mind while putting the overall restaurant together. It should be welcoming and also have great food. It should have a relaxing ambiance and have great customer service etc.

In order to stand out in the industry, you have to carefully plan it from buying the place to decorating to selecting the menu and serving it. To help you get better decor, here are some things you should consider before deciding your restaurant’s ambiance :

1. Choose The Right Colors

It is undoubted that colors shape our subconscious on a daily basis in different places. It makes us feel things, whether good or bad. Color perception is connected to our emotional brain, the right colors for your restaurants will influence your customer. Gone are the days of black and white restaurants, people are moving towards contemporary and modern designs and more colors as well. For contemporary restaurants, sharp contrasts are used but for modern designs simple but bold colors are used to add character to the overall place. E.g. using bold red and white with a hint of black or using white and black and adding blue chairs to give it a more minimalistic cute french cafe feel.

2. Restaurant Lighting

Get as much natural light into your restaurant as possible. This not only enhances the aesthetics with the windows placed at the right sides but also creates a mood of liveliness in the restaurant. Other than this decorative chandeliers, pendants, scones and floor lighting according to the theme of the restaurant will uplift the whole ambiance. Gold and electric lights give a warm feeling whereas the positioning of the should be such that it covers the less lighted areas. Make sure you decorate the restaurant according to your target market such as for young people more lights and funk and slow mood but for older people in more expensive places you can go all luxury and comfort. 

3. Comfortable Furniture And Right Accessories

While decorating your restaurant, make sure to have comfortable seating. This is one of the most defining factors why someone would want to come and sit there for hours at the end with their friends. The furniture should match the interior of the restaurant but also it should be highly comfortable to sit on. Other than the furniture from the painting on the walls to the napkins that you provide, everything adds up to the interior for your restaurant. Interior should be carefully planned and placed to help the customer connect with your brand on a psychological level. Using comfort cushions, dim lightning, and the smell of coffee in cafes all of these little things contribute to the overall feel and vibe of the restaurants. 

4. Walls And Ceilings

The ceilings and the walls of your restaurant should have the same look as and feel as the theme of the restaurant. If it’s retro, it should reflect retro, if it’s luxury it should reflect luxury. When people enter a restaurant, the first thing they notice is your ceiling rather than the decor. Having a strong architectural ceiling makes the customers want to come and ask what this place is all about. Different kinds of patterns with contrasting colors matching your theme can be added to your restaurant ceiling. E.g for a luxury look at white or pink-white ceiling while for a cowboyish look, have a wooden farmhouse ceiling with ropes and other things hanging off the ceilings.

5. Part Time Place For Events

Restaurants that are not just restaurants but outlets for different events such as art gallery’s or advertisement for other smaller places nearby or causal poetry events are more successful. Away from technology or even with technology, art and books, you can create an imaginary world for your consumers. You can also collaborate with local community spaces to host their events at your restaurant and feature local artists there. 

A well established interior contributes to the success and future profits of a fine dine place. Start with market research and go with the trends but remember to keep your personal touch in the restaurant. Try to find things that people can and will connect with emotionally, typically something from our childhood, be it sitcoms or be it games. Let us know about some of your favourite restaurant decors in the comments below

5 Tips To Build A Successful Restaurant Business

The restaurant Management Business is a lucrative industry. Once you attract customers with your elegant themed venue, enticing promotions, signature drinks, star chef, and delicious menu, there is no going back and your business tends to succeed. But all this needs thoughtful planning, subtle marketing strategies, an amicable team, and great food. Let’s have a look at these 5 tips that can help you build and keep a successful restaurant business.

Introduce A Unique Concept 

No one wants to own a failed business but the restaurant management has seen serious dig in the last few years. Amid critical competition, inflation, labor cost, and heavy rental and operational costs, around 50% of the new restaurant have been closed off in the first year of launching. So what your place needs to escape the shutdown. The answer is a great venue, a super chef, and a thoughtful concept and the alignment of all three with each other. A unique concept will attract people to come by and if the food and services are up to the mark, you will have them for good.

Install An Efficient System To Keep Your Finances and Operations On Point 

Point of Sale or POS system is a computerized system that allows restaurant owners to evaluate sales, inventory, cash flow, staff scheduling, invoicing, and bookkeeping. It covers the backend efficiently, reduces paperwork and human errors. Plus it’s a great tool to engage customers and increase sales. People love the comfort and if that comfort comes in a way that they can book the corner seats of their favorite restaurant through online reservations or order food from a mobile delivery app. This would surely give a boost to the restaurant sales. Also, ensure that your technology-driven eatery offers free wi-fi to its customers. 

Train Your Staff To Share Your Vision 

Your staff from your super chef to the cleaner are the ones who represent your vision and theme to everyone who comes into your restaurant. Your food is great, the concept is amazing, settings are delightful and music is entertaining, but if your staff is discourteous, all goes down the drain. To avoid the mess, build a strong connection with your team and value them for the role they play in serving your mission. Invest in them with mandatory training which will help them to meet the guest’s expectations and your business vision. 

Engage Loyal Customers For Good 

Attracting new customers is one thing but appealing old customers back into the premises is the true achievement. When you get a loyal customer back that means your service, food, and atmosphere is liked by them to the extent they want to continue experiencing it. These are the ones who spread the word to their families and friends and bring you more diners. Invest in them by introducing promotional drinks, special offs, or free desserts. The key in restaurant business management is consistency. Consistent good food, good service, and consistent customers are what make your business a success.

Research Your Market 

Marketing analysis is crucial to understand the depth of competition your business is in from the surrounding eateries. If your nearby restaurants are offering online ordering, payments, and delivery systems, your restaurant needs to be technologically adapted too. If those restaurants are underpriced with the same cuisines your eatery is offering, you need to re-evaluate your pricing list. Or if your concept is something that is never seen before and you are optimistic that people will definitely attract towards it, take the risk and market the idea for a hopeful upshot.

Anything and everything will cost you thousands of bucks while starting up your dream restaurant business. From the venue to the furniture, the staff, and the inventory, the branding, and the marketing costs, everything will cost you until it starts making profits. Ensure not to squander much in the budding stages of the business, keep something for the difficult times.

5 Restaurant Management Tips to stand out in the industry

Running a restaurant business involves dealing with alot of fire fighting or rather unexpected situations to planning and organizing inventory, community mobilization and staff conflict mediation etc. This industry demands a powerful blend of psychological and artistic skills to reach success. 

Fortunately, there are ways to plan and manage such that it will put you on the restaurant business map sooner than most. Here we have some restaurant management tips and tricks that may assist you to have a feeling of confidence grappling consequent steps of your career in this fast-paced business.

1. Set up & Organize

Managers who look for efficiency and effectiveness in work need to plan and organize. For restaurant owners this means brainstorming any possible situations that might arise. A standardized training for possible situations when the person is recruited is one way to prepare your staff for any unforeseen challenges. For larger restaurant chains, rules and standard documented protocols for dealing with angry customers to medical emergencies should be regularly reported so things don’t fall apart. 

2. Use of Social Media

Advertising is the lifeblood of any consumer based business. With the digital developments over the past decade, social media proves to be a cost effective solution to traditional expensive marketing. Depending upon the type of business, the social media platform varies. For restaurant businesses, facebook and even more so instagram is the best choice. While facebook allows the sharing of location, operational hours. Instagram is a minimal approach which demands aesthetically pleasing images to attract customers

3. Problem Solver

One of the most vital skills as a manager is being a problem solver. Problems are a regular part of any business especially a restaurant business as it highly depends on the feedback of its customers. The journey of becoming a great restaurant is knowing how to tackle issues as they arise. Whether it’s an unhappy customer, or a staff tussle, a good manager always finds a win-win solution. We recommend going with the easiest solution for the time being and analyze the situation with your team later to avoid future mishaps. 

4. Be consistent

One of the greatest things you could accomplish as a manager is consistency. It is in the inherent nature of the restaurant business that no two days are the same. As a manager being consistent in your approach to dealing with things will give your employees the satisfaction of being able to rely on you. The way you communicate, maintain rules and expectations will help the restaurant staff manage everything more efficiently during rush hours. Remember, your employees need to be able to trust you in order to perform their best.

5. Prioritize employees retention

According to Toast’s 3rd annual report, 46% of managers say that one of the major challenges they face include retaining staff members after the initial training. The number one culprit of low staff retention rate is employees feeling that their needs are unmet. They won’t stay if they don’t enjoy their jobs. One method is to hold weekly or monthly meetings with your staff to understand their needs and wants and how the business can make them feel more comfortable. This results in ownership by employees.


Restaurant industry is one of the most demanding ones out there. It takes your and your employee’s heart & soul to run it smoothly on a day to day basis. We hope the tips above will help you run your restaurant with more peace of mind.

How to prepare for reopening your restaurant after lockdown

The past year hasn’t been easy for anyone. From schools to restaurants to parks everything has been shut down for an indefinite period. The unexpected closures and the lack of certainty surrounding everything led to a lot of disastrous decisions and horrendous problems for many business owners. Many people gave up on their employees, many people gave up their rental spaces and other things and a great many of us had to give up on our dreams. 

While it may have been a really good time for a lot of people to start working on something new and peculiar, if anything that a restaurant owner wished for was the opening of their livelihood again. It was a great opportunity to take a different approach to our traditional models but the general fear that encompassed the whole society led to a lot of people resisting even new and more safe options to make sure that food was delivered to the customers door step. So many restaurant owners had to opt for a complete closure or start making food from home or any option that would make the customers feel more safe. 

As we are now approaching a post-covid era it is essential that we prepare ourselves for reopening. By post-covid we definitely don’t mean that it’s over but maybe with the vaccine in place and strict SOP’s we may be able to start normal life once again. Let’s find out how you can reopen your restaurant in this new normal!

  1. Reach Out To Old Contacts

Reaching out to old contacts means that if you had to let go of your employees and vendors it’s time to get back in touch with them. As you see the situation calming down a little and your local government making some concessions it’s the perfect time to contact everyone since everyone is going to be looking for work. Make up to your employees by offering a little more for a little less or make long term promises that make them stick by you. You may have been in their bad books if you had to let them go but there’s still time to make the situation better. In addition, reach out to old customers, family and friends who can help restart the business by either promoting it or coming to dine in or take away more frequently. 

  1. Update Your Menu

This is one of the most common tricks in the books when you are looking to bounce back. Introducing something interesting and unique in your menu is a very smart tactic to attract customers. It won’t be about the taste as much as it would be about the curiosity of having something new. You have to understand that people too have been locked in their houses for way too long and they are looking for something refreshing and fun. You can also revamp your restaurant a little to give it an attractive interior design. Create a fresh environment in your dine area. Include something like love music or dance or any games for your guests to keep them engaged and happy to be coming back. 

Focus On Digital Marketing 

Not just on digital marketing but put a great deal of focus on general marketing techniques in order to make sure that your community is well aware that you are geeting back into the business. And back into the business with something new and exciting, create suspense for them with marketing strategies so that customers are excited to visit you once you reopen. Social media has given you the most appropriate medium to stay in touch with your customers. Try paid ads on social media forums like Instagram, Facebook etc where it’s easy to target your market. If your budget allows, hire a digital marketing firm and hopefully you’ll see a positive result. 

Prepare For The New Normal 

Restaurants may be reopening and things may be going back to normal but still maintaining social distance and following SOPs is essential to remain Corona Free! Arrange your tables in such a way that each table is distanced as per the local requirements. Put in a system of frequent sanitization and cleaning. Encourage your customers to start making reservations so that you can schedule your cleaning routines in between. Make sure your staff is wearing a mask at all times and making as less physical contact with customers as possible. Additionally place sanitizers on tables and at the entrance make sure that everyone is wearing a mask, you can allow it to be taken off once people are on their tables. 

Promote Contact Less Take Out And Delivery 

Despite the fact that we are reopening restaurants we must be prepared for the worst. In case of another deadly wave ans closure set up an effective system in place and make sure you are advertising your safety protocols to your customers so that even when push comes to shove they don’t hesitate ordering from you. Make a transparent system for your customers in order to foster better and long lasting relationships with them. 

In the end what really matters is doing everything at your own pace and easing into the process of reopening. If the government has lifted off certain instructions it doresnt mean you have to dive right in. Take it slow so that you do your best and your reopening is fruitful for your restaurant. We wish you all the best!

The Basics of Restaurant Management

Viable restaurant management includes a few difficulties, for example, advertising, stock, staff, and client assistance. In certain occurrences, an eatery proprietor may likewise fill in as the director.

In any case, a solid supervisor is a fundamental part of an effective café—they are typically the individual who handles both staff and client issues. The accompanying data clarifies the significant essentials for appropriately dealing with a café.

1. Providing Customer Service 

The client is in every case right, keeps on being the brilliant guideline of any business. Regardless of whether you can’t help contradicting a client’s grumbling, how you handle the circumstance will decide if the client returns. You will likely keep the client experience positive.

2. Setting Job Expectations 

From the waitstaff to the house kitchen staff, finding the best individual for every job will help your eatery run easily. When meeting competitors, make sure to check references to decide whether they will be a solid match for the position. Additionally, set up a time for testing prior to recruiting them for all time. In addition to the fact that labourers should be gifted in playing out their work, however they ought to likewise have solid relational abilities, as their work will probably rely upon crafted by others. A model is a waitstaff who relies upon the gourmet specialist to finish the right requests in a convenient style.

3. Advertising Your Restaurant 

There are an assortment of approaches to publicise your restaurant. Notwithstanding keeping clients upbeat so they spread the word, it’s essential to search for freedoms to acquire openness. These incorporate having an online presence, for example, a site, which may incorporate photographs, menus, and advancements. Likewise, long range informal communication offers a low-to-no-cost method of advancing your eatery.

4. Monitoring Cash Flow 

Income is the measure of money coming in versus the measure of money that is leaving your business, and it ought to be observed on an every day, week after week, and month to month premise. It is imperative to comprehend this fundamental idea of café accounts to maintain a strategic distance from monetary danger.

5. Expanding Sales 

An every day business survey report permits café directors to assemble a past filled with their business. It can help dissect deals patterns, finance expenses, and client tallies, and anticipate future deals.

Restaurants have an inherent catering client base in their client base just as the assets: food, hardware, and staff. Consider venturing into catering huge and little occasions.

Likewise, include advancements to acquire consideration and increment deals. These can go from a daily party time to prix fixe menus to two-for-one supper specials. Choose at least one that best suits your customers.

The cost of food can change as often as possible, so the expense of maintaining your business will likewise change. It’s significant that café menus have costs that keep food costs low and benefits high. Considering this, keep your menu fascinating and ensure clients get an incentive for their cash. While you need to minimise expenses, you likewise don’t have any desire to serve low quality food to customers.

6. Cutting Costs 

Changing to energy-proficient lights and low-stream fixtures are only two different ways that eateries can set aside cash, also the climate. Check out your foundation for areas of interest that require less expense without harming the client experience. For instance, you might be setting aside cash by supplanting seats with more affordable ones, notwithstanding, customers may not return in the event that they become awkward while dining.

The Bottom Line  

Dealing with a restaurant includes various duties, from recruiting and terminating staff, to following deals and fundamental bookkeeping. As a restaurant’s owner, it is your duty to ensure tasks run productively to offer ideal support to customers.

You have considered all the minor details when you are the one managing the restaurant. Make sure that you have done enough research to handle everything related to managing a restaurant in a good way.

Tips To Set Up A New Restaurant Business

The number of foodservice facilities has increased by 70% in the last four decades. With around 65% of people prefer prepared food or dine out, there is still enough room for your restaurant business to take up the market. Besides a delicious menu to survive the competitive eatery market, there are some important steps that help you navigate through the process. On a whole, it may feel an unmanageable undertaking, when broken down, it’s relatively an easy feat to work on. Let’s dig deeper into the process of starting up a successful restaurant business today. 

Work For A Restaurant 

Before striking out your business in the market, it’s better to learn the ropes to learn similar operations in a similar field as setting up, running, and growing a restaurant business is a lot of hard work. The foodservice operators give most of their time creating menus, managing personnel, arranging supplies and inventory, developing marketing campaigns, You have not only to perform as an elegant host, a lot of paperwork and administrative chores, and compliance with regulations on local, provincial, and state levels in a myriad of work. Working in a restaurant before starting your own will give you a deep insight into the logistics and realities of the business. 

Shape your Brand 

It’s not only an exquisite menu that marks the success of a restaurant, your service style, and the ambiance goes side by side. Gathering these three builds the concept, identity, and mission of your new place. Your dining room breathes and communicates your style and gives a meaningful experience to your customers. A specific demographic with a functional and unique concept is the most adept factor in shaping your brand. Do you want your restaurant to be a fast-casual spot or an upscale Mediterranean eatery with delightful paintings on the wall? Or a dimly lit place with cozy live jazz or a brightly lit outfitted with modern artwork? Whatever style you like, it emanates who you are and what your restaurant is about. 

Find The Best Location 

Spot a venue with easy accessibility, the one that draws crowds and has the latent to grow while keeping your budget in check. Either you rent a place or build your own, it is vital that you keep the initial cost as low as possible. You may find a house in a commercial setting, or an incubator space where you can both work and live to keep the budget in place.  It is good to start small for tests and when successful, take an expensive heap so that you don’t get stuck with any loss. 

Hire Help 

The best way to evaluate the number of staff you require is to consider the soft opening of your restaurant. This will help you estimate the essential positions. Some restaurant owners prefer to hire a manager before the big opening. Being a newbie, you may ask your friend and family to help to cut the extra labor cost. Once your place comes running, you may ponder on the number of cooks, dishwashers, and servers. It is good if you arrange the training material, the code of conduct, the JD’s, and the employee handbook to manage them better. For cooks, you may document the recipes and invest in the training of your staff as they are an essential tool for your success. 

Setting up a new restaurant and making it successful is a daunting task. But the good news is that the restaurant management business is booming and diversifying its potential and always has room for your exquisite cuisine to thrill the market. All you need a clear business plan and the successful execution of your ideas to make it flourish. 

Successful Growth Strategies For Restaurant Business

The restaurant management business is a highly competitive industry to work in. A new setup requires a tough marketing plan that would help it survive the established and new restaurant in the market. In recent research by a renowned university, it is observed that some 60% of the restaurant businesses break down within the first three years, and 80% of eateries fail to exist in five years. And this is all because of an unmerited marketing plan. Although these are the real stats, we are not here to lower your morale or something but to share some amazing and time tested successful growth strategies that would help boom your restaurant business. 

Revitalize your Business Concept Everyday 

Even an established restaurant business needs to do this as well. Your vision and mission must be crystal clear in your eyes. Revitalization is crucial every day as it helps business owners to understand and avoid stagnation. Even when you achieve a certain level of success, it pushes you to do more and works as a facelift. In the restaurant management industry, extraordinary chefs, exquisite customer services, and a digital presence are good enough to keep a business going. But the revitalization helps you rebrand, restock, and revive your business every day with new passion and hard work. 

Market Your Brand Online 

The successful online presence of a business ensures its on-ground success as well. So how can you grasp the attention and interest of your prospective customer online? You can create an event according to the seasonal festivals or holidays and offer free drinks or appetizers, or free entries on it. You can live stream the specialties of your restaurants on Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram. Or provide discounts to your regular customers for extra loyalty or coupons and giveaways to those who actively follow you on social media.  You can engage your online users in some online contests for wide promotions. And if you feature your employees in the marketing campaigns, it would give a fun and realistic approach to your brand and attract customers’ attention. 

Invest In Your Customers

As the customer is always right and has the ability to shape and reverberate your business, the restaurant’s owners must pay heed to provide an exceptional experience to every customer to increase the return rate. There are some small, yet particular gestures if employed neatly, that can affirm the success of your restaurant business and all these gestures involve the traits of customer services. Such as a positive attitude towards the customer and active listening, timeliness in solving their queries, and being empathetic towards the irate ones, being committed in their work and taking ownership of their actions, and last but not least, having a knowledgeable team to execute all these tasks in an adequate manner. 

Ask For A Feedback

Customer’s views and feedback are what makes or breaks a restaurant business. It gives you a better understanding of their dining choices and looks for the area of improvements. There are many ways to ask for feedback as through email or physical handcards, a feedback form on your website, or other social media forums. The questioner includes a rating of the food quality, customer services, staff cleanliness, and their welcoming manners, a variety of cuisines, and the overall experience to name a few. And this is not only for start-up players, the high-performing restaurants understand the importance of customer’s opinions perhaps that’s the reason they are the best in the field. And for newcomers, there is always room for improvement, and customer feedback is the best way to ameliorate your brand. 

To sum up, good food and good customer service would take you and your business a long way. Although customers are a priority in the restaurant industry, it’s your employees who get things done, thus investing in them, giving them proper training, an amicable environment, and flexible work hours will help them give their best to your business. So investing in them is equally important as investing in your customers. 

Reasons why restaurants fail in their first year

We all know someone who is a great chef, has the grandma recipes under their belt, and is also looking to either have set up a restaurant or had one. The norm seems to be that the restaurant business is easy but according to common observation and a recently cited study by the Ohio state university, it couldn’t be farther away from the truth. 60% of restaurants close in their first year and 80% don’t make it past the five-year mark.

While there are no barriers to entry in the industry other factors like business acumen, poor management, lack of accounting knowledge, etc play a role in bringing a restaurant down. It’s safe to say that a restaurant needs more than just your grandma’s secret recipes to survive. Here are some things to consider if you are looking to open up a restaurant:

  • Inexperience

While there are no barriers to entry in the restaurant industry, it doesn’t mean that it’s an easy to run business, Good hearted restaurant owners with great potential often find themselves bankrupt or closing because of several reasons. Lack of proper business knowledge, financial planning and industry experience are rated as the primary reasons among many when it comes to restaurant failure.

  • Spotty customer service

Being greeted at the door to paying for the check, the way you treat your customers creates repeat customership and most people according to a survey dont give a restaurant another chance if they are not properly treated the first time. As digital era becomes more and more influential, the best and only way left to keep your customers coming is to maintain a flawless customer experience 

  • Lack of accounting know how

If you know how to properly read your accounts and keep them up to date even with the help of a CPA, this will keep things running smoothly. You will know when to save and when to spend. Other important things when it comes to money is pricing your menu the right way. Most owners have no idea how pricing a menu not only includes the raw food cost but also the labor cost and all the bills of the restaurant. Getting this right sloves 50% of the problem owners face.

  • Bad people management

Compassionate managers who have worked their way up the ladder know how to deal with their staff as well as a diverse group of customers. Restaurants are one of the businesses where having good people skills are very crucial to your customer service as well as staff training. Remember, if you treat your staff right that behavior transcends to the customer and helps level up your restaurants

  • Lack of proper marketing

Advertising and marketing are key to establishing a newly opened restaurant’s reputation. Most people think that you have to drop a huge amount of money to get your marketing done right but with growing influencer marketing and social media marketing you can reach a substantial amount of audience in little to no time with as little money as possible.

Apart from the above mentioned, some other things can include lack of capital reserves before opening, bad location, complex menus, lack of a business plan and no involvement of the owner are some of the restaurant red flags that dooms it for closure or bad cash flows. Getting the basics right since the first place helps your restaurant not only gain a good reputation but also keep you and your staff in happy conditions.

5 Strategies to Step-up your Restaurant Business

Restaurants are a profitable business, but amidst fiery competition and in times of uncertainty, it is difficult for business owners to retain sales and profits. We are here with some time-tested strategies to increase the sale of your restaurant business but make sure that success is a time-taking process, and there is no secret ingredient for it. Some tips or ways might work for you and might not. All you have to do is to keep an eye on what works best for you by keenly analyzing the measures that upticks the sales and those that slow down the profits. Let’s have a look:

Make a Good First Impression 

As it is the only way to get your first-time customers back at your place. Train your staff to be extra vigilant towards the new customers. Greet them with a smile, introduce them with a seating that has the best scenery around, be punctual with the order, offer them a complimentary drink or dessert as a first-time consumer, and ask for their experience once they are done with a meal. You may offer them a promo or a discount. Once you get them the second time, you get them for good. Secondly, when it comes to online orders, make sure you have double-checked the parcel, personalize it, and ask for feedback just in case. These little gestures will help you accomplish a long-time customer.

Go Online

People prefer not to be bothered. Sometimes they may not feel like driving in the hot weather and reach your place for a pizza. It is more appealing for them to enjoy their meal in the comfort of their home without any hassle. To meet the desire of your customers, an online delivery service is a must-have. Online ordering is a double win for restaurant owners. Firstly, an increase of 25% is observed in a restaurant sale that provides home delivery service. Secondly, it doesn’t require additional staff to execute the job. All you need is to digitize your menu and place it online, add a number, and an email. You may also offer additional deals for locals as they are your most loyal customers. Last but not least go free on home delivery. Your customers will never leave you. 

Enhance Social Media Presence 

If your business is doing good, set up a website so that your place can be located easily. If developing or running a website seems spendy, register your business at Google My Business with your contact details, working hours, and the picture of the eatery. The customers will be able to give their reviews on it, and the good ones will boost sales. A strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and handlers would uptick the profits as well. Mark them with your delicious, savvy, and signature dishes and post some more. The mouth-watering and exquisite imagery would surely bring customers to your doorstep.

Offer Happy Hours 

Some valuable strategies can help attract new customers while retaining existing ones, and one of them is to introduce special deals on weekends and in festive seasons. The one plus one or half prizes, the complimentary desserts or drinks, the hefty discounts are a way to engage more customers in your restaurants. Another way to upsell and uptick sales is to introduce Happy Hours to attract families. This will generate sales at the time when it is usually bleak especially, in the hour of the day and early evening. Thirdly, to give a personalized experience to your regular and loyal customers, you may make special arrangements on their birthdays and anniversaries at discounted rates to help them celebrate the moment and to earn their loyalty for good. 

Engage your Employees

Your employees are your assets. Having regular meetings with them, listening to their grievance and needs, asking for suggestions and improvements, offering adequate training is a must-have to increment your brand. Remember, they are the ones who get in direct contact with your sale, so a proper uniform, cleanliness, manners, a positive aura, and the timely execution of orders will engage a customer and he will be more prone to visit you the next time. So investing in your employees is never a bad deal. 

How To Manage Your Restaurant To Make It Successful

Opening a new restaurant is just the start. The frequently referred to measurement of three out of each four restaurants fail during the initial years means that while numerous eateries open, few have the stuff for long haul achievement. One explanation that numerous new cafés neglect to flourish is an absence of management. Realizing how to deal with an eatery’s accounts, everyday issues, client care, and preparing staff are all important for overseeing and helping your new café to develop.

Focus On Your Restaurant Finances

The most concerning issues numerous new eateries face is around funds. Making a point to acquire satisfactory capital will assist you with getting the front entryways open, however it won’t continue a café as time goes on. The way to oversee funds in an eatery is realizing how to spend and where. It is likewise essential to comprehend what to do when issues emerge, to shield them from raising.

For instance, seeing how to pursue a benefit and misfortune proclamation and break down every day income will assist with recognizing issues at an early stage and permit you to find a way to keep your eatery making a course for progress.

Promote Your Restaurant

While it would be decent if your new eatery was effective to the point that you expected to stress over promoting, not many foundations have been lucky. While you might not need to promote as you did when you initially opened, it is as yet critical to advertise your café. Search for approaches to help clients to remember how amazing your eatery is, and tempt them to come in for supper.

Building a strong interpersonal organization through destinations like Facebook and Twitter, just as an eatery site, are economical approaches to showcase your café. Intermittently running print or radio advertisements around the special seasons and other unique events are a decent method to acquire business without using up every last cent.

Catering services are another approach to arrive at a more extensive client base. You as of now host the assets for taking care of enormous gatherings of clients, why not offer to provide food gatherings, wedding, and different occasions. You can expand deals and market your administrations simultaneously.

Be Specific About Your Restaurant Menu

Your menu is the calling card of your eatery. It is the reason clients return. As your eatery develops, it’s imperative to keep up your menu. Intermittently audit which things are selling great and which aren’t. Try not to be hesitant to refresh your menu, keeping client top picks and evaluating new dishes. Surveying your menu likewise permits you to refresh costs, to keep your food cost in line.

Offer great Customer Service

Great food will draw clients into your café, while great service makes them want to come again. In a business where the client is in every case right, how you handle client grumblings and show client thankfulness are significant for building a solid demographic. There are numerous kinds of advancements that will show clients the amount you value their business, for example, party time, two-for-one specials, and different occasional advancements.

Keep Restaurant Resources Handy

There are numerous books, TV programs, magazine and sites accessible to help eatery proprietors oversee everyday activities. There are whole TV shows, similar to “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” and “Café Impossible” devoted to turning bombing cafés around.

There are numerous distribution and sites that offer exhortation on everything from refreshing menus to making strides toward environmental friendliness at your eatery. Books like “Running a Restaurant for Dummies” are an incredible method to ensure you are doing all that you can to save your eatery on target for progress.

Be Clear About Employee Roles

Obviously characterizing the parts of the individuals who work in your eatery can guarantee everybody realizes what they have to do and who they are answering to at any one time. Thusly, if an issue emerges in your eatery, your staff know precisely whose obligation it is to deal with the issue.

Characterizing jobs is likewise basic in the event that you are an eatery proprietor and you hope to get some much needed rest. By assigning somebody who will be in control while you are away, and who reports to them – just as what they ought to do – your eatery will have the option to make progress without you, regardless of whether it is just for a brief timeframe.

Hemp: and I grow it in Lucania!

What is that. Hemp sativa is a plant with a thousand virtues: like pig, nothing is thrown away! Textile fibers, building materials, paper and packaging are obtained, as well as oil, paints, soaps, waxes, cosmetics, detergents … Oil and seeds are superfoods, beneficial for our diet, for the content of fatty acids polyunsaturated and the proportion of omega 3 and 6.

Business and who does it
The new law on the industrial hemp chain has also been approved in the Senate. It will soon be published in the Official Journal. And soon we will talk about it on Millionaire.

«Waiting for the large-scale green light of Cannabis indica for therapeutic purposes, in Italy there is a boom in the cultivation of hemp (cannabis sativa), with a 150% increase in cultivated land (2013/2014)» reveals Coldiretti. “In the last year, the farms involved in sowing have doubled: there were 300 in 2014. The hectares cultivated have almost tripled, 1000, from Puglia to Piedmont, from Veneto to Basilicata, but also in Friuli, Sicily and Sardinia”. It adapts to all latitudes and all types of terrain, as long as there is no stagnation of water, with adequate preparation.

«Growing hemp, for me, was a lifestyle choice. I am not the son of farmers »says Pasquale Polosa, 31, who started Canapa Lucana three years ago, now a company, which is soon a cooperative. «I started with 3 hectares. We are already at 30. And we are increasing yields. For now, the fibers are transformed in Piedmont, but the new Taranto plant will stimulate the start of new crops, in the South and throughout Italy. There are associations all over Italy that can give information on the cultivation and use of hemp sativa ». Polosa sells oil online and to shopkeepers: oil, 10 euros for 250 ml, whole seeds, 5 euros for 250 g, and shelled, 7 euros. Seeds and oil are used raw. Flour mixes with cereals to prepare high-protein pasta.

A plant that laughs
«The planting of a hemp field costs 700-800 euros per hectare. The costs are similar to those for a corn field, but with organic fertilization »says Roberto Revello, 51 years old. Tired of spending energy in bankruptcy companies, after the organizational experience of the Orto ethico association, he discovers hemp. And he falls in love with it, creating with 30 thousand euros Green Italy, site and commercial structure to make known and sell the products of many small farmers. «It’s a laughing plant. People are confused, think of the Mariiuana. But many approach food products with curiosity and sympathy ».

Rovello carries seeds and oil in markets and fairs dedicated to natural food, bio, the environment, sells to proven, shops, bakeries. “We are giving new producers information and sales outlets,” he says.

How I open a pop pastry shop and I invade the world.

This chef, honored as the best pastry chef of the year, protagonist on TV with the French Master Pastry Chef, writer, makes a career in legendary restaurants and patisseries and works at Maison Fauchon, a gourmet epicerie in Paris, where he has a creative intuition, un éclair de génie , in fact: the flash of genius are pastries in hundreds of variations, on a cylindrical base of choux pastry.

«Eclair is an inexhaustible source of creations, in taste and design» explains Adam, who not only made 210 recipes and almost 1.5 million pieces in 2012, but also conceived a format of a single-product venue, the sweet and savory éclair, to which chouglacés are added(round bases with ice cream), tartlets, biscuits, madeleine … The pastry shop is called L’Éclair de Génie , and has become a company with about fifty employees, a turnover of 5 million euros (2015) and 26 stores in the world (Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow, Vancouver). A chain in diffusion with the national licensing system.

The eclair arrives in Italy
Italy could not miss: the first opening in Milan takes place in 2016. Today there are already three clubs (Brera, Navigli, Magenta) and a corner, in Rinascente. Andrea Sampietro, director of L’Éclair de Génie Italia explains the success of the products and the creator: «Christophe Adam revolutionized a classic of French pastry, in terms of taste, colors and image, without distorting it. Then, the quality of the raw materials, the aesthetics … The eclairs are made every day in the laboratory in Corso di Porta Ticinese. The chef, Valerio Cambieri, has followed a long training session with Adam ».

How is the chain organized in Italy?
«The brand belongs to a company that has an exclusive affiliate affiliation contract throughout the country. Italian stores are owned by him. And it will manage the development of the network, with possible openings in every city with a tourist flow ».

How much does it cost to start a pastry shop?

«Starting the Éclair de Génie Italia took over 6 months of work and important investments. The staff was trained with the Parisian parent company. The equipment is partly speci fi c for our product. The investments vary according to the size of the store, the restructuring, the selection of products, the entry fee for the franchise … ».


«From 2 to 4.50 euros each. Tastes change according to the season and the news created by Christophe or the chef from Milan ».

What earnings can an Eclair develop?

«The turnover of the stores is growing, they have not yet fully developed their potential. In the premises, then, show cooking is organized. And the product can be customized for personal and business needs ».

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