5 Restaurant Management Tips to stand out in the industry


Running a restaurant business involves dealing with alot of fire fighting or rather unexpected situations to planning and organizing inventory, community mobilization and staff conflict mediation etc. This industry demands a powerful blend of psychological and artistic skills to reach success. 

Fortunately, there are ways to plan and manage such that it will put you on the restaurant business map sooner than most. Here we have some restaurant management tips and tricks that may assist you to have a feeling of confidence grappling consequent steps of your career in this fast-paced business.

1. Set up & Organize

Managers who look for efficiency and effectiveness in work need to plan and organize. For restaurant owners this means brainstorming any possible situations that might arise. A standardized training for possible situations when the person is recruited is one way to prepare your staff for any unforeseen challenges. For larger restaurant chains, rules and standard documented protocols for dealing with angry customers to medical emergencies should be regularly reported so things don’t fall apart. 

2. Use of Social Media

Advertising is the lifeblood of any consumer based business. With the digital developments over the past decade, social media proves to be a cost effective solution to traditional expensive marketing. Depending upon the type of business, the social media platform varies. For restaurant businesses, facebook and even more so instagram is the best choice. While facebook allows the sharing of location, operational hours. Instagram is a minimal approach which demands aesthetically pleasing images to attract customers

3. Problem Solver

One of the most vital skills as a manager is being a problem solver. Problems are a regular part of any business especially a restaurant business as it highly depends on the feedback of its customers. The journey of becoming a great restaurant is knowing how to tackle issues as they arise. Whether it’s an unhappy customer, or a staff tussle, a good manager always finds a win-win solution. We recommend going with the easiest solution for the time being and analyze the situation with your team later to avoid future mishaps. 

4. Be consistent

One of the greatest things you could accomplish as a manager is consistency. It is in the inherent nature of the restaurant business that no two days are the same. As a manager being consistent in your approach to dealing with things will give your employees the satisfaction of being able to rely on you. The way you communicate, maintain rules and expectations will help the restaurant staff manage everything more efficiently during rush hours. Remember, your employees need to be able to trust you in order to perform their best.

5. Prioritize employees retention

According to Toast’s 3rd annual report, 46% of managers say that one of the major challenges they face include retaining staff members after the initial training. The number one culprit of low staff retention rate is employees feeling that their needs are unmet. They won’t stay if they don’t enjoy their jobs. One method is to hold weekly or monthly meetings with your staff to understand their needs and wants and how the business can make them feel more comfortable. This results in ownership by employees.


Restaurant industry is one of the most demanding ones out there. It takes your and your employee’s heart & soul to run it smoothly on a day to day basis. We hope the tips above will help you run your restaurant with more peace of mind.

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