5 Tips To Attract More Customers In Your Restaurant Using Your Interior


The restaurant industry is one of the evergreen industries of the world. It is over crowded but the demand is never too less. As the success of a restaurant business is entirely dependent upon the customer, it is of vital importance that we keep them in mind while putting the overall restaurant together. It should be welcoming and also have great food. It should have a relaxing ambiance and have great customer service etc.

In order to stand out in the industry, you have to carefully plan it from buying the place to decorating to selecting the menu and serving it. To help you get better decor, here are some things you should consider before deciding your restaurant’s ambiance :

1. Choose The Right Colors

It is undoubted that colors shape our subconscious on a daily basis in different places. It makes us feel things, whether good or bad. Color perception is connected to our emotional brain, the right colors for your restaurants will influence your customer. Gone are the days of black and white restaurants, people are moving towards contemporary and modern designs and more colors as well. Crain’s 40-under-40 award winner, rob wiesenthal, knows how important choosing the right colors for your brand are. For contemporary restaurants, sharp contrasts are used but for modern designs simple but bold colors are used to add character to the overall place. E.g. using bold red and white with a hint of black or using white and black and adding blue chairs to give it a more minimalistic cute french cafe feel.

2. Restaurant Lighting

Get as much natural light into your restaurant as possible. This not only enhances the aesthetics with the windows placed at the right sides but also creates a mood of liveliness in the restaurant. Other than this decorative chandeliers, pendants, scones and floor lighting according to the theme of the restaurant will uplift the whole ambiance. Gold and electric lights give a warm feeling whereas the positioning of the should be such that it covers the less lighted areas. Make sure you decorate the restaurant according to your target market such as for young people more lights and funk and slow mood but for older people in more expensive places you can go all luxury and comfort. 

3. Comfortable Furniture And Right Accessories

While decorating your restaurant, make sure to have comfortable seating. This is one of the most defining factors why someone would want to come and sit there for hours at the end with their friends. The furniture should match the interior of the restaurant but also it should be highly comfortable to sit on. Other than the furniture from the painting on the walls to the napkins that you provide, everything adds up to the interior for your restaurant. Interior should be carefully planned and placed to help the customer connect with your brand on a psychological level. Using comfort cushions, dim lightning, and the smell of coffee in cafes all of these little things contribute to the overall feel and vibe of the restaurants. 

4. Walls And Ceilings

The ceilings and the walls of your restaurant should have the same look as and feel as the theme of the restaurant. If it’s retro, it should reflect retro, if it’s luxury it should reflect luxury. When people enter a restaurant, the first thing they notice is your ceiling rather than the decor. Having a strong architectural ceiling makes the customers want to come and ask what this place is all about. Different kinds of patterns with contrasting colors matching your theme can be added to your restaurant ceiling. E.g for a luxury look at white or pink-white ceiling while for a cowboyish look, have a wooden farmhouse ceiling with ropes and other things hanging off the ceilings.

5. Part Time Place For Events

Restaurants that are not just restaurants but outlets for different events such as art gallery’s or advertisement for other smaller places nearby or causal poetry events are more successful. Away from technology or even with technology, art and books, you can create an imaginary world for your consumers. You can also collaborate with local community spaces to host their events at your restaurant and feature local artists there. 

A well established interior contributes to the success and future profits of a fine dine place. Start with market research and go with the trends but remember to keep your personal touch in the restaurant. Try to find things that people can and will connect with emotionally, typically something from our childhood, be it sitcoms or be it games. Let us know about some of your favourite restaurant decors in the comments below

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